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Cytokine Glossary

Cytokine: Molecules secreted from one cell that signals another cell through binding to its specific receptor.

Cytokine antagonist: A molecule that inhibits cytokine function.

Cytokine pleiotropism: A cytokine has multiple functions.

Cytokine receptor: A membrane molecule that particularly binds cytokine.

Cytokine redundancy: Multiple cytokines have the same function.

Cytokine synergism: The ability of cytokines to work together to generate more activity than one cytokine dose alone.

PharmTao's Cytokine Database: Disease Related Cytokines


Cytokine Databases and Web Sources



Databases and Web resources


Databases and encyclopedia

Cytokine Family cDNA Database (dbCFC)

cDNA (including EST), gene and protein records of cytokines deposited in public databases


Cytokine Gene Polymorphism in Human Disease



Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia(COPE)



Cytokine Reference, Academic Press


Comprehensive information on all known cytokines, including chemokines, growth factors and neuropeptides

Web portal

Cytokines Web

Structure and Function of Cytokines and their Receptors, 3D-Models


ICI Cytokine Site

A lose collection of cytokine data

Interest group

Cytokine Internet Group (CIG)


NIH Cytokine Interest Group

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